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Valotin is a haircare range designed to support strong and healthy hair. The range of salon-quality products includes supplements, shampoos, conditioners, and serums. Strengthening Shampoo This shampoo is enriched with vitamins and botanical extracts to cleanse and invigorate hair. This gentle formula is free of parabens, sulphates, and cruelty. Biotin is included to help improve…




Understanding your hair and its growth process

The hair growth process can be split into three stages – the growing phase, transition phase and resting phase. Understanding the stages of hair growth can help you support your hair’s health and growth potential.


Anagen (Growing Phase):

The hair growth phase usually lasts between two and six years, depending on factors such as genetics, age and health

Catagen (Transition Phase):

This is the stage when hair makes way for new hair follicles. This transition period usually lasts about 10 days.

Telogen (Resting Phase):

Hair falls out when it is released from the original follicle. The remaining follicle rests for up to three months before starting at the anagen phase.

The science of good hair days

Valotin’s secret to success is no secret at all. In fact, it’s all spelled out on the ingredients list

Gorgeous hair is healthy hair. Hair, just like the skin, is at its best when it is nourished from the inside and the outside. Valotin’s range was designed for holistic hair nourishment – inside and outside, from the hair follicles to the ends.

The haircare and supplement formulas embrace beneficial vitamins and herbal extracts that support hair and your overall wellbeing.


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