Nootrogen Ultimate Nootropic Supplement

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Nootrogen is an established nutritional Nootropic stack that requires no prescription. Nootrogen® comprises a comprehensive array of essential and beneficial vitamins, minerals, herbals extracts and nootropic compounds that when consumed together support the brain and cognitive function. Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), Glutamine and Glutamic acid, Bacopa monnieri, Tyrosine, GABA and Phosphatidylserine are among them. Don’t know what…




The age of nootropics is here. A nootropic is a supplement that can provide nutritional support for memory, concentration, motivation, mood or practically anything that is related to cognition and thought patterns.

Effects of nootropics have been dramatized by fictional nootropics such as ‘NZT-48’ in the film and recent TV show ‘Limitless’ starring Bradley Cooper. Although it’s not advisable to take anything as mind-altering as NZT-48, nutritionally there are many foods and ingredients that can help you get the most from your brain.1-3

Nootropics are commonly used by people in roles that demand elite performance; such as fighter pilots in the US Air Force, medical students, poker players in the WSOP, MMA fighters in the UFC, professional gamers, and Silicon Valley CEO’s.4,5

Memory Support

The Nootrogen formula contains ingredients that can support healthy memory and your brain’s natural synaptic plasticity.6 Synaptic plasticity is your brain’s ability to ‘re-wire’ its neural circuits in response to various stimuli.7

Focus Support

In a world with an increasing number of distractions, and as productivity expectations grow, we need all the help we can get to focus. Ingredients in Nootrogen support concentration and focus,8-10 so you can push yourself to stay on task.

Support for Cognition

Cognition is a broad term for the brain’s internal processing involved in creativity, abstraction, recognition and reasoning.11 It’s responsible for those high-level decisions that take sharp-thinking experience. Like cognition in the brain, Nootrogen’s parts each act to support the end goal.

Support for Everyday Stress

Some ingredients found in Nootrogen are known for their support of everyday stress,12 and they’re included so you can get nootropic benefits under pressure. These ingredients could be useful for nervousness-related anxiety associated with performance; e.g public speaking or academic testing.



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