Green Coffee Plus

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Following a surge of rave reviews by health TV personalities, green coffee bean extract became a popular supplement option for helping support weight loss. Green Coffee Plus is made from high quality green bean extract, which contains a key compound called chlorogenic acid (CGA). A combination of studies found that CGA can provide support for…



Green coffee bean extract has established itself as a very popular health supplement. Green coffee bean extract contains Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA, also known as chlorogenic acid) which has a variety of health benefits.

Green Coffee Beans in a Cup

Where do green coffee beans come from?

Green coffee beans are raw coffee beans, before the roasting process that gives us coffee as a drink. When roasted, coffee beans lose some of their nutrients and active properties. To preserve the full benefits of Green Coffee Antioxidant, green coffee beans are extracted while in their raw, untreated form.

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Helps Support Weight Loss

A mid-2019 meta-analysis of all available studies into green coffee extract supports its use as a long-term weight loss support supplement, most notably for people who are heavier than ‘normal-range’.1

Rich In Antioxidants

Green coffee bean extract is rich in beneficial antioxidants, which fight free-radicals and oxidation. Half of the VitaPost Green Coffee Plus formula is Green Coffee Antioxidant.2

Made in the US

VitaPost Green Coffee Plus is made in the US in an FDA registered facility that follows GMP guidelines. Ingredients in the formula are both domestic and imported. The green coffee beans are sourced from Texas.


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